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Pre-clinical evidence

In the pre-clinical section I will post the research with fat cells on rodents or larger animals much like "gusto" and own personal preference.

Obviously there are many studies around which tackle the same disorder or relate to basic science, but I prefer to make "selections" so that the page does not get over-crowded.  Key is that I prefer to select an example of an animal study with CULTURED fat cells and one studying the impact of using a heterogeneous population of fresh fat cells.

The grouping will be according to the main therapeutic benefits at present assigned to fat cells. Those are:


bloodflowClearly the most relevant therapeutic benefit and the reason why, also seems to be clear. The harvest of regenerative cells from fat stems mainly, if not only, from the vasculature in fat tissue. Therefore their origin is from the vascĂșlar system, which is the reason why they are "native" to this human vascular system and feel "very comfortable" in places like the heart and the vascular system itself.


Wound healing

In view of the above and congruent to the theories of Caplan- the most potent regenerative cells- the Mesenchymal stem cells- tend to be attached in a pre-diffentiated state at the outer walls of the human vasculature system, ready to come to the rescue in case of injury with the secretion of trophic factors (cytokines which are growth factor molecules) capable of helping to regenerate all tissues and also all stages of regeneration or wound healing.


Auto-immune modulation including anti-inflammatory impact.

The same applies here as for wound healing with the additional benefit that on top of that the heterogeneous population of fresh cells contain cells that have a strong anti-inflammatory, immune modulation impact (the socalled Tregs) which are absent in the mix of cultured plastic-adherent differentiated MSC brews which are also used for therapeutic purposes.


An "Other" category which will likely include orthopedics, sports medicine and other stuff.

In view of the overall therapeutic benefits of fat cells this group is likely to become rather substantial and mixed. Key elements are likely to be the treatment of OA (Osteoarthritis) and tendon and muscle injuries.


As customary, I will use this introduction page to present small exerpts of the articles in this section, which you click to continue reading or access those write ups by using the menu listings on the right hand side.

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