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Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells
Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells

The Promise of Fat Cells


As stated in the header-image- fat-cell.com will document the scientific foundation of Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells, also called ADRCs or simply Fat Cells. Thereto will track the increasing number of medical applications of such cells in the clinical setting, which at present is accelerating around the globe and may represent an important factor in controlling health care cost in the future. As an introduction to this theme-two brief notes:

What are Fat Cells?

In histology, adipose tissue or body fat or just fat is loose connective tissue composed of adipocytes. It is technically composed of roughly only 80% fat. Adipose tissue is derived from lipoblasts. Its main role is to store energy in the form of fat, although it also cushions and insulates the body. Two types of adipose tissue exist, white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). In humans, adipose tissue is located beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat), around internal organs (visceral fat) and in breast tissue.



">Adipose tissue is found in specific locations, which are referred to as 'adipose depots.' Adipose tissue contains several cell types, with the highest percentage of cells being adipocytes, which contain fat droplets. Other cell types are also found though, which include fibroblasts, macrophages and endothelial cells.(and a few other types LOL) Actually, this is the only reason, why we are interested in "fat-cells", but maybe this was clear to you from the beginning of starting to read this note, since "fat" happens to be "the richest source of regenerative cells in the body". Together with the most well-known source of adult cells- bone marrow- fat is the only tissue from which enough cells can be extracted to deliver a therapeutic dose without have to multiply- i.e. culture the cells.

The promise of Fat Cells

Fat-cells or ADRCs (Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells) may very well become THE medical solution to a range of disorders tormenting mankind and for which the medical field has not found adequate solutions as of yet- i.e. the so called unmet needs.

Having the above stated conviction, I have been struggling mightily on "a" method and means to convey that. How do you as a layman summarize all your readings, that provided you with that conviction and be adequately convincing for third parties to believe you or at least pay attention?

This would be extremely hard. However, an adequate solution to that problem, came in the form of a paper that a found from Dr. Patricia Zuk, collaborator to other well-known researchers in this field, Marc Hedrick and Min Zhu at UCLA at the time, who together wrote the basic scientific FOUNDATIONAL papers back in 2001/2002 on the viability and potency of ADRCs. That is- they characterized the cell population scientifically for the first time ever. Recently she wrote a summary looking back at 10 years of research on "Fat cells" and in a "scientific way" still expresses that fire and excitement in respect of the potential of ADRCs, which NOW are being slowly, but surely supported by facts and results. A wonderful "back-bone" for this page in respect of the past and guiding into the future. Dr. Zuk who is now teaching at Santa Monica College and West LA College can be found on the web at- patriciazuk.com . Actually- by following the link to her website, you will find powerpoints of her teachings in physiology and other interesting learning materials. At least, they were very usefull to me.


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    Dear visitor of the site-
    Creating Fat-cell.com is an endeavor, which I have been planning for some time, however for which I have had little time to realize that intention. Other projects simply have priority at present, but I do hope that I can devote more time in accomplishing reasonable progress by the fall of 2013.
    Hope to see you back again than.

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    Well- we are still not 100% sure that the technology will prevail (LOL), but the chances are improving by the day I believe...
    As usual - time will tell

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