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About Fat Cells

About Fat Cells About Fat Cells

The "About Fat Cells" section, will cover my own view on the history of the development of therapeutic applications from Fat Cells. That is from basic research over in vitro research to clinical trials for different applications. Since the science is only there for the past 15 years or so,  I intend to do some research and write an article on how I perceive its history and the roles of scientists, which were heavily involved in its development.

A lot of those folks are members of IFATS or the International Federation of Adipose Therapeuticss and Science- the only association dealing with the science of fat cells. So -yes, we will cover them since they are the main force behind basic research and preclinical development.

We will have a look at virtues of fat cells and what distinguishes them from the more well-known and lesser known adult body sources of regenerative cells and of course will explain their mechanisms of their therapeutic action. On this page I will only deal with, what is generally referred to as SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) from adipose tissue. Actually this is a somewhat confusing terminology, since the pellet of extreacted SVF contains a variety of mononuclear cells- not only stromal cells or MSC´s. Mind you, some folks refer to precursor cells, like pericytes which can be activated to become MSC´s, also as stromal cells.

Nothing on Cultured Cells on Fat-cell.com

That means that cultured cells- certainly not allogeneic ADMSC´s - will not be covered. I believe that Allo cells are safe as long as they do not differentiate. If they do, they lose their immune priviliged status and can be rather unhealthy....


Anyways, there is a big wave of research being completed and newly initiated, which means also a lot of new POC (Point Of Care) devices being developed and put on the market, since the manual laboratory procedure of distracting the cells from fat tissue is pretty time consuming and - as a regulatory requirement- has to be done in a so called cGMP facility (laboratory with procedures and equipment to prevent contamination and such). We will have a look at these players too.

Additionally the controversy on the regulatory handling by authorities such as the FDA, has existed for many many years and looks like in the near future will be finally decided and new clear rules and law created. Of course- we will have a look at the organizations of doctors defying those regulations presently in the US and also of course what is going on across the borders of the US of A.


Below you will find, which articles have been written already and published on the site. You can access them from here or from the menu bar.

Have fun reading all about fat cells.


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